Meta Wijnen

founder of META

The creative mind behind META’s designs is Meta Wijnen. This lady won her spurs with some renown projects in the commercial scene. An explorer at heart, Meta started mapping the layers of meaning that shape our experience of the physical environment and developed a provocative philosophy about the potential of spatial design for a better world.

Meta is mad about beauty, smart solutions, and people with a big vision.

Alec Nasr

founder of META

The power house behind META's projects is Alec Nasr. Project manager and business developer, he knows to get things done.


Alec worked his way up from a small village to the jet-set of Europe and the Middle-East as the marketing director of one of the leading retail brands. A couple of years ago, he left his luxury life behind and went on a journey around the world to look for new business adventures. That's how he met Meta.

Alec loves adventures, camping and dogs :)

We believe in designing and delivering your project from end to end. We involve a team of one off experts for every project to get the best possible results


Tessel Nederbragt

Marketing Lead

Visionary mind, loves to crunch complex concepts. Throws science and fairy tales in the mix to build storylines that sell like hotcakes. Polyamorous, long lived affairs with both ancient wisdom and digital innovation. Our lead in concepting, marketing and web design.